Cellint is a leading provider of cellular based solutions for traffic information system and location data services. Cellint's systems are deployed at tier one customers in several countries in North America, Europe and the Middle East with excellent references. Cellint's cost-effective platform is used by cellular carriers, road operators and other stakeholders to generate traffic information and cellular location for all types of customers.


Road Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Information Services:

TrafficSense is a road traffic information system that continuously monitors traffic speeds, travel times and incidents in real time. It matches the huge amount of control messages available at the cellular network with GPS coordinates for each message, generating the best area-wide traffic information service in the world. It is the only floating car data system worldwide which was validated by Departments of Transportation and Road Agencies to match road sensors data quality. TrafficSense provides interfaces to control centers, navigation systems, cellular phones and road agencies. Read More »


Mobile Network Location and Location Information System:

NetEyes utilizes Cellint’s unique cellular location method to find accurate position of all active phone in real time. Preliminary cellular mapping of the roadways by crowd sourcing enables Cellint to achieve much higher accuracy in cellular location than standard triangulation. Purely based on cellular location, with no need for a GPS in the phone, NetEyes provides origin destination analysis from a junction/corridor levels to a metro-wide level in all modes of transportation, generating complete data solution for transportation planning, demographic movements and impact studies. Read More »

What We Do

Cellint is a global pioneer in providing traffic information systems based on mobile networks. Cellint's proprietary, patented technology utilizes pattern matching analysis on anonymous, real-time data extracted from the signaling links of mobile networks for all active mobile phones. This platform is used by cellular operators to provide road traffic information services and optimize their RF performance. The high resolution traffic information service is supplied to mobile phone subscribers, navigation providers, government agencies, road operators, mapping and media portals, etc..

For each line of products, Cellint is focused on providing highest quality solution, in order to demonstrate best ROI to its customers. Satisfied customers are our main goal, no matter how hard we have to work or how difficult is the challenge. Our customers find us a loyal partner, committed to their targets as much as they are.

For road traffic monitoring we provide the most cost effective and seamless solution, which is accurate enough for road management as well as for traveler information. Using floating car data (FCD) over small intervals, TrafficSense provides incident detection similar to all types of road sensors, while producing highly accurate travel times, which only floating probe data can deliver. The performance of TrafficSense was validated by objective 3rd parties at several projects at independent evaluations. TrafficSense is a complete solution for traffic information system and traffic information services, such as TMC broadcast, dataflow broadcast, text, voice and map messages, as well as dynamic map interface.

On the mobile network location front, our system enables mobile operators to reach a new level of performance, by detecting actual subscribers' position instead of the cell-sector area, while using the same signaling information with a much better reference location database than antenna tower location. Location based services and marketing, as well as big data analysis and statistical calculations of trends and demographics are becoming much more efficient with Cellint positioning technology due to its accuracy. NetEyes enables cellular operators a leading position when competing with Google and alike on the subscribers position.

The strength of Cellint is based on a seasoned team of dedicated engineers, developers and support people, with a lot of industry experience, who have proven their ability to deliver best class service for the benefit of Cellint's partners and customers.

Cellint's systems were deployed over thousands of miles and tens of BSCs in four continents, with excellent results and very satisfied customers.

We challenge you to test us and our commitment for performance. We will not let you down!

News & Up Coming Events

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February 22 – 25, 2016
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November 17–19, 2015
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September 27-30, 2015
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Come visit Cellint's Booth at the 2015 ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France

October 5-9, 2015
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Come visit Cellint's Booth at the ITS Canada ACGM Annual Conference & General Meeting in Gatineau

May 24-27, 2015
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