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TrafficSense tracks all active mobile phones on the roads anonymously, through a connection at the main switches of the cellular network, to provide the best traffic information available today for cities and countries, for all highway, arterials and relevant surface streets. The data quality was validated by many Road Agencies and market leaders to match road sensors data quality, which includes:

TrafficSense provides a complete traffic information solution, to all types of customers and end users. These include:

TrafficSense platform includes the following service modules:

Traffic Information with sensor' quality for all relevant roads through an interface over Google Earth:

How it works:

TrafficSense generates its superior accuracy by taking the huge amount of data points generated by the cellular network, and assigning each data point an accuracy which is similar to GPS. In order to achieve that – the system maps the cellular signaling patterns on the road, and preparing from it a reference location database (instead of the cellular tower location). The process includes recording physical drives over the roads, in which each cellular signaling message is recorded with a GPS location reference. Once this location reference database is ready, the system will use it as follows:

System Architecture

system architecture

Other Potential Contribution of TrafficSense:

Gathering traffic data from TrafficSense can be used for several other purposes:

System Interface:

TrafficSense provides several Customer Interface options for road management and planning, including:

Several exclusive Cellint interfaces can be seen below:

interface 1

interface 1

interface 1

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