About Cellint

Cellint is providing a complete location and mobility solutions for smart cities and mobile carriers by using big data analytics over cellular data. Cellint’s solutions track all active phones in the network, passively and anonymously, to the exact street they are traveling on, pinpointing their exact location on that route in short intervals. This data is used by municipalities, governments, mobile operators and major industry players across the globe to monitor and manage real-time road traffic, transportation management and planning, congestion mitigation and signal timing, crowd and event management, safe city, tourism management and other location based services. The strength of Cellint is based on a seasoned team of dedicated engineers, developers and support people, who have proven their ability to deliver best class service for the benefit of Cellint’s partners and customers. Cellint’s systems are deployed over tens of thousands of km across the globe, with excellent results and very satisfied tier one customers.