Project on Ayalon highway for Ayalon HW Co. (an Israeli DOT agency)


Ayalon highway is an agency of the Israeli DOT. Ayalon tested the travel time data quality of TrafficSense in comparison to test drives and inductive loops. TrafficSense’s travel time was found to be much more accurate during speed fluctuations than travel time calculated from road sensors, with less than 10% average error.

The local speed over a road section around each sensor was measured and reported in real time in km per hour (see white squares). Each section’s data was compared to the data provided by the road sensor (inductive loop) at that location.

Magenta – Loop Sensors Blue – TrafficSense

In the following graph one can see a benchmark comparison of travel time measured by TrafficSense (a cellular based detection system from Cellint Traffic Solutions Ltd.), travel time deducted from road sensors (inductive loops) and actual drive test, conducted by the Ayalon Highway Co. (an Israeli DOT agency).

This graph demonstrates that during free flow both systems (i.e. Inductive loops and TrafficSense) are providing accurate data. However, when delays and fluctuation in traffic starts, the travel time deducted from the road sensors is not accurate, while TrafficSense maintains high accuracy.