Transportation authorities use real-time traffic data for everyday urban transport management, and analyze commuters’ origin and destination points for infrastructure and transit planning. However, intelligent transport systems that provide real-time data cost millions of euros for road sensor deployment. GPS aggregators are inexpensive but can miss up to 50% of real time traffic jams because since there are many roads with no data for a long time, and their data also doesn’t represent population segments proportionally, which is essential to transportation planning (most commuter, most of the time are not using GPS, thus they are miss-represented in this database). Cellular network location data is now ubiquitous and cheap, but it is imprecise due to the range of cellular antenna coverage. Cellint uses artificial intelligence algorithms to process cellular network location data for optimized transportation management. Our patented technology tracks phones on a mobile network passively and anonymously, pinpointing their street locations on any mode of transportation. The result is a virtual sensor network that provides real-time sensor-quality traffic data at a fraction of the cost of sensor systems. Our origin-destination data is so accurate that it can identify the root causes of specific transit congestions. Our technology is unparalleled in its performance and cost-effectiveness. However, in many cases we manually process the data that our transport authority clients require. Preparing customized reports based on this comprehensive data can take weeks or months. This has created a serious bottleneck for us, and is restricting our growth. In this project we will upgrade and integrate our current solutions into a single automated transportation information platform with advanced analysis and visualization features, with results provided in minutes instead of months.