Cellint to Launch Traffic Information Service in Canada with Rogers

Canadians to benefit from access to accurate, real-time traffic information across the country

Toronto, ON – Cellint Traffic Solutions (www.cellint.com), a leading provider of real-time road traffic information based on cellular data, announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Rogers Communications (www.rogers.com) to launch a country-wide traffic information service in Canada later this year.

The service will be delivered to car manufacturers, navigation providers, mobile users, mapping portals, cities and government agencies. The first customer signed is a major public transit provider in Western Canada and service will begin later this year


“We are excited to work with Rogers and we already see great interest from major industry players and key customers”, said Ofer Avni, Cellint’s CEO, “The combination of Rogers and Cellint is about to provide a higher standard of traffic information service in Canada than ever seen before, enabling Canadian drivers to make the most informed decisions related to their driving plans in real time.”


Cellint’s high resolution traffic information provides detection of ALL relevant slowdowns in real-time, similar to road sensors, as well as the most accurate travel time. It has been validated by Road Agencies and DOTs to match road sensors’ data quality.


“Rogers has worked with public transportation organizations across the country for over ten years and is pleased to enable the real-time delivery of traffic information to riders,” said Mansell Nelson, Vice-President of Machine-to-Machine, Rogers Communications. “We’re thrilled to be working with Cellint to deliver accurate and timely traffic information to players across Canada, helping businesses more efficiently manage assets that are on the move and to better the commuting experience for Canadians.”


Cellint’s TrafficSense provides traffic information based on analyzing anonymous signaling data of mobile phones operating on Rogers 2G and 3G networks in vehicles. Cellint’s proprietary technology is based on generating a unique cellular signature for each road. All active phones then provide anonymous travel time samples by matching their signaling data with the road signature database. The traffic flow data is automatically analyzed and is disseminated via text messages, voice messages, mapping information, TMC reports and other tools.

About Cellint Traffic Solutions
Cellint is a global provider of road traffic information solutions for mobile operators, traffic integrators and other strategic customers. Based on its unique, patented technology, Cellint is able bring road traffic information from mobile networks to a higher league than ever reported before. In the race of man-kind for good traffic information in real time, Cellint was able to jump ahead by several steps and provide traffic information service which is orders of magnitude better than any system in the market today. With services in North America, Europe and Asia, Cellint is positioned to become the world leader in this field during the next few years.

About Rogers Communications
Rogers Communications is a diversified Canadian communications and media company. We are engaged in wireless voice and data communications services through wireless, Canada’s largest wireless provider. Through cable, we are one of Canada’s leading providers of cable television services as well as high speed internet access and telephony services. Through Rogers Media, we are engaged in radio and television broadcasting, televised shopping, magazines and trade publications, and sports entertainment. We are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RCI.A and RCI.B) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RCI). For further information about the Rogers group of companies, please visit www.rogers.com.