From Smart City to Smart Region: Cellint awarded a contract to provide cellular-based traffic information for the Lazio Region

Rome, Italy / Tel-Aviv, Israel

Cellint Traffic Solutions, a leading provider of real-time road traffic information and transportation planning data based on cellular network data, announced today that it was awarded a contract by ACI Informatica (a subsidiary of ACI, the Italian Automobile Club) to provide live traffic information for the Lazio Region Road Authority (the region around Rome).

Cellint’s TrafficSense provides traffic information based on tracking anonymous mobile phones in vehicles, through a standard passive interface to the mobile network.

TrafficSense receives from the network orders of magnitude more location data than available via GPS traffic data aggregators. The technology takes cellular-based traffic detection to the next level by using ground-truth cellular signaling map as a location reference, so each location point reported from the network is assigned GPS coordinates, which are much more accurate than regular cellular location technologies.

The combination of huge data quantities and the high accuracy of each data point enables TrafficSense to detect all slowdowns in real-time, similar to road sensors, as was validated by road agencies in North America and Europe, and to provide the most cost effective solution for road management. (Orders of magnitude lower cost than any sensor based solution).

In addition, TrafficSense provides origin destination data from a junction level and up to a country level, enabling the best possible data for transportation planning and signal tuning.

“…in order to get equivalent amount of traffic data (to our TrafficSense system) with road sensors or Bluetooth sensors, one would need to equip all monitored roadways with sensors every 300 meters, which is not realistic in terms of cost, time and obstruction to traffic” said Ofer Avni, Cellint’s CEO “…at times when alternative traffic information services based on historical patterns are becoming a trend (such as GPS sources), Cellint is setting the bar for Smart Cities and Regions, which are looking for real time traffic to manage the roads, optimize mobility and improve service to their citizens, all within the existing budget constraint”

About Cellint Traffic Solutions (

Cellint is a global provider of area-wide traffic information solutions based on cellular network data, as well as transportation planning tools, such as origin destination analysis.

Cellint’s unique technology assigns GPS coordinates to the huge amount of control channel messages that are available at the cellular network. This is done for all active phones on the network, regardless if the phones have GPS or not, generating the most comprehensive and accurate source of location and speed data available in the market.

TrafficSense tracks each mobile phone, anonymously to the exact road it is traveling on, and pinpoint its exact location every few hundred meters.

The data is used by road agencies, municipalities and governments for real time traffic management and traffic signals tuning, as well as for road and transportation planning.

With services and satisfied customers in North America, Europe and Asia, Cellint is positioned to become the world leader in this field during the next few years.