IBI Group and Cellint awarded a 5-year contract to provide cell-based traffic information for the Greater Vancouver area

Toronto, Canada / Tel-Aviv, Israel

IBI Group, a leading provider of toll and traffic management solutions for government agencies, highway operators and concession companies, and Cellint Traffic Solutions, a leading provider of real-time road traffic information based on cellular data, announced today a cooperation agreement that builds on their current Regional Traffic Data System project in Vancouver, funded by TransLink, the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, and Transport Canada.

Cellint’s TrafficSense provides traffic information based on anonymous mobile phone data in vehicles, through a standard interface at the mobile network. TrafficSense detects all slowdowns in real-time, similar to road sensors, as well as providing the most accurate travel time. It’s the only area-wide solution in North America whose data matches the quality of road sensors, as validated by road agencies and DOTs. The technology takes cellular-based traffic detection to the next level by using ground-truth cellular signaling maps as a location reference.

IBI’s traffic management and traveler information systems provide the software “shell” that collects, aggregates, stores, manages, and reports on the real-time data from Cellint’s TrafficSense. Roadway authorities can use the information to better manage traffic; the public can use the information to improve travel decisions; and engineers and planners can use the historical data to make more informed decisions about roadway improvement investments.

 “We have been looking for the right technology partner for a long time,” said Scott Stewart, Managing Director at IBI Group. “The costs and timelines to implement traditional sensor-based systems are prohibitive, and GPS-based data is sporadic. We realized that this type of solution can actually match road sensors in terms of travel time, speed accuracy and data reliability, but in a much more cost effective and timely manner.”

“We are excited to partner with IBI Group,” said Ofer Avni, Cellint’s CEO. “The combination of IBI’s and Cellint’s offerings is about to provide a higher league of traffic management systems to road agencies in Canada than ever seen before, enabling much better use of the road network, while the associated traffic information will provide a much better service to travelers.”


 About Cellint Traffic Solutions (www.cellint.com)

Cellint is a global provider of road traffic information solutions for mobile operators, government agencies, traffic integrators, navigation providers and other strategic customers. Using its unique, patented technology, Cellint brings road traffic information from mobile networks to a higher level than ever before. In the race for good traffic information in real time, Cellint was able to jump ahead by several steps and provide a traffic information service which is orders of magnitude better than any system in the market today. With services in North America, Europe and Asia, Cellint is positioned to become the world leader in this field during the next few years.

About IBI Group (www.ibigroup.com)

IBI Group is a multidisciplinary company combining global intelligence and local knowledge to create Smart Cities. The firm draws on its leadership in planning, architecture, transportation and systems to create intelligent solutions in infrastructure and transportation, buildings, healthcare and education.