Project in Atlanta for Georgia Department of Transportation (USA)

Cellint Traffic Solutions, the leading provider of real-time traffic monitoring solutions, announced today the successful completion of an independent evaluation by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) of its TrafficSense system.

GDOT awarded a contract to Cellint Traffic Solutions late last year to collect and report travel times, incident alerts and local speeds along GA400 and adjacent arterials based on data retrieved from cellular networks. The project was initiated when the incumbent sensor system on the GA400 was partially disabled due to a large construction project.

As part of this project, GDOT decided to validate the performance of TrafficSense. 
The research project was designed and conducted by the Atlanta office of URS.

Cellint’s traffic data, based on anonymous data generated from the cellular network, was compared in real-time to the NaviGAtor detectors’ data for different speed ranges.
The report determined that the TrafficSense data matched the sensor data very closely (less than 5% average difference) both during congested and free-flow times.

For the first time ever in the US, after more than 10 years of disappointments from other technologies, independent report proves that a non-intrusive FCD system can be as accurate as road sensors.

“I’m very pleased to see these results” said Mark Demidovich, Asst State Traffic Operations Engineer at GDOT, “For many years we were looking for such a rapid and cost effective solution to monitor our roadway networks both for road management as well as for traveler information. Finally we have such a system that proved to be working very well over one of our most problematic corridors, which is a significant break through for us”.

To obtain the report please contact GDOT or email to
To view TrafficSense data on the GA-400 in Atlanta, Georgia, on the following link:

 “Cellint provides DOTs and road management companies a tremendous ROI, while increasing road efficiency as well as mitigating congestion,” said Ofer Avni, Cellint CEO. “Furthermore, this independent report is a significant validation of our unique technology for delivering real-time traffic data on the roads, both on highways and arterials. We are pleased to enable DOTs to deploy full metro areas in a cost effective manner while not compromising on data quality”.

About Cellint Traffic Solutions
Cellint is a global provider of cellular-based detection solutions. This cost-effective platform is used by road operators to manage vehicular traffic (TrafficSense) and by cellular operators to optimize their RF performance (NetEyes). 
Based on its proprietary and non-disruptive technology, TrafficSense system delivers highly accurate travel times, traffic speeds and incident alerts in real-time by tracking anonymous cellular phones over the roads.
For more information about Cellint Traffic Solutions and TrafficSense, please visit the company’s
About Navigator
Navigator is a system of data sensors and traveler alert displays that are connected through the DOT’s Transportation Management Center in downtown Atlanta, and provides traffic data minute by minute, on more than 150 miles of Atlanta-area roadways. GDOT uses the data to manage traffic, broadcast alerts to drivers, and respond to traffic-blocking incidents. Data is currently available at the NAVIGATOR web site of Georgia DOT: