Project on Highway 1 in Israel for the Israeli National Road Company

Customer: Israeli National Road Company
Location: Highway 1 between Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem

Description: Israeli National Road Company (Ma’atz) is the major state agency of the Israeli Department of Transportation which is in charge of all the interurban roads system in Israel and some urban highways ( including traffic management, road planning, development, maintenance and safety.

Ma’atz has made two trials with a few cellular based traffic monitoring companies.

In the first trial which took place on Highway 1, Ma’atz tested the incident detection, local speeds and travel time data quality of TrafficSense in comparison to road sensors, Along 15 miles segment. In order to test the cellular based systems, Ma atz deployed side view radar sensors along the relevant highway segment.

Analyzing the validated raw data of TrafficSense in comparison to the road sensors had showed the following results:

  • Only 1 minute average latency in detecting slowdowns.
  • Average error of local speed detection was less than 5 kph (on 300 meters segments).

In the second trial which took place along road number 44 (an Arterial with several traffic lights over the relevant road segment), Ma’atz also tested the local speeds and travel time data quality of the cellular-based traffic monitoring technologies in comparison to road sensors.

In this second trial, TrafficSense demonstrated similar results as in the previous one.

In both trials, TrafficSense was the only system that succeeded in providing sufficient accurate data for road management and traveler information and proved to be a reliable and accurate traffic monitoring solution, both for highways as well as for arterials with traffic lights.